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Esport & Gaming Forum

EGF 2021

EGF 2021

The Esport & Gaming Forum is the biggest Esports & gaming conference in the CEE region.

Experts with a unique position and specific knowledge will share their vision on how the crisis affects particular areas of Esports and gaming.

Esport & Gaming Forum

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We will talk about

Marketing, sponsorships

In the marketing section we would focus on the collaboration between brands and Esports / gaming entities (Esport orgs, tournaments, influencers, game dev).

Startups, Funding & investments

The valuation of the esport entities is growing rapidly. Is it too late to get into the business as an investor or the category is still young, risky and unstable and it's better to wait?

What kind of Esports / gaming entities have the greatest chances for success?

What business models are there and what is still missing?

Day one

Day one

Social Responsibility / education / jobs

We all know Esports & gaming is big, growing and disruptive. But what is the impact of growthof the growth on the society? With great power comes great responsibility.

We would cover:
• the impact in terms of health, social interactions
• possible CSR activities that brands can carry out in the area of Esports / gaming
• how can gaming be used in the education process on various levels
• how to get best employees?
• is education sector ready for the gaming & Esports?

Content, streaming, tv rights, media in general

The viewership of live streaming platforms is growing rapidly and they are hungry for content. This creates great opportunities for streamers and all who want to produce Esports content.

More and more TV stations are deciding to broadcast Esports / gaming but can they really attract GEN Z viewers?

How the content is being consumed?

Day two

Day two
about EGF

About EGF

About EGF

The Esport & Gaming Forum is a space where specific communities interested in e-lectronic sports and gaming can exchange their experiences and this is the moment when the conversation is needed once again

Esport & Gaming Forum is a space where specific communities interested in e-lectronic sports and gaming can exchange their experiences and this is the moment when the conversation is needed once again

In 2017 we created the most important Esports conference in CEE. In 2019 we were talking about the next steps the industry needs to take.

In recent months there has been a fundamental change in the functioning of societies and business. We are heading towards digital reality, where work and consumption of entertainment are remote.

Gaming has never been bigger! And with great power comes great responsibility.

Conference audience:
• marketers and advertisers
• founders
• media industry
• investors
• young people planning a career in the Esports

Our experts


Vice-President, Strategy @OverActiveMedia
President & Co-Founder @MADLions

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Jorge Schnura

Vice-President, Strategy for OverActive Media, President & Co-Founder of the biggest Spanish Esports team MAD Lions; also founded the source{d} - data Platform for the Software Development Life Cycle. Professor at the IE Business School in Madrid

Senior Media Manager, Central Europe

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Aleksandra Atlabachew

Senior Media Manager at Procter&Gamble, the world’s largest advertiser, responsible for 10 countries of Central Europe. Empowering brands to create advertising that the consumers will love. Experience gained from both sides – the media agency and the client. Guest lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw.

Business Development Coordinator (EU) · Hitmarker

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Dennis Sliz

Business development coordinator in the esports and gaming industry for Hitmarker. With over 9,000 active listings from more than 50 countries, Hitmarker is the largest gaming and esports jobs platform in the world. Unique experience collected by Dennis over different industries and company stages allows to fully board companies into great and unique Human Resources category in gaming and esports.

Esports Market Lead at Newzoo

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Hugo Tristão

Hugo Tristão is the Esports Market Lead at Newzoo, the leading provider of games and esports data and insights, where he helps brands and organizations optimize their gaming and esports strategies. Hugo is passionate about gaming, esports and how the ecosystem works as a platform for community engagement. A true esports expert, he has more than eight years of experience working with major organizations in the market. As a key esports authority in the LATAM region, Hugo connected a great variety of brands with teams, publishers, and influencers and supported their success.

CEE Mobile Gaming Lead at Google/Google for Startups

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Mariusz Gąsiewski

Mariusz Gasiewski has been with Google since 2007. He is leading mobile gaming and apps initiatives at Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw, supporting growth of mobile gaming and apps ecosystem in in the CEE region. During most of his career was helping some of Google’s biggest clients in Central and Eastern Europe in preparation and implementation of mobile measurement strategies. He is a frequent speaker at gaming and mobile conferences and a founder of GameCamp (, one of the biggest mobile gaming and apps specialists communities in Europe.

CEO GGPredict

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Przemysław Siemaszko

Co-founder and CEO of GGPredict. Works on helping players become the best esports athletes through the use of AI. With experience in big data, statistics and game theory research as well as education, Przemysław is unlocking the potential of technology for everyday gamers who want to win more and get better in a seamless way.

VP Pro Gaming ESL

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Michał Blicharz

Before turning to esports, Michał “Carmac” Blicharz was in judo first as an athlete, then coach and referee. As an editor-in-chief for GGL and SK Gaming, he won multiple esports journalist awards. He joined ESL Gaming, the world’s largest esports company to take ownership of the Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) program and build the product into one of the world’s most prestigious competitions with stadium events on four different continents. Currently Michał serves as Vice President Product Development and in this role, he leads the operational, creative and production efforts of numerous ESL products, leagues and competitions.

Who we are

who we are
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Michał Kaleta

For over a dozen years associated with the event industry. He believes that the best projects arise from the combination of the real and the virtual world. Managing director of the endorfina events agency. His team carries out projects in several European countries.

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Szymon Kubiak

Over 10 years of experience in digital. Several media awards in the account: Effie, Innovation, Golden Arrow, Grand Prix Kreatury, Webstar and Mixx. Co-founder of team, gaming media house all for one and inSTREAMLY startup.

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Maciej Boroń

In the marketing industry for over 15 years. In 2016-2020, he developed one of the pioneering and top Polish gaming marketing units (Mediacom Beyond Advertising). From 2020, co-founder and managing director of the Next Level gaming marketing agency.

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Maciej Sawicki

He has been on the esport scene since 2003. He's winner of Polish Esport Awards 2017, winner of Grand Video Awards 2017 for a series promoting electronic sports. He's co-founder of esports team, startup Instreamly and gaming media house called all for one.


19-20 May 2022

What's new?

- main stage (online and offline)
- workshop stage (online and offline)
- roundtable meeting 1: 1

- face-to-face online meetings
- expo


Detailed agenda soon


for business, brands & marketers, investors

—— main stage
—— workshop stage
—— 1:1 roundtable meetings
—— lunch
—— networking
—— after party

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for esport enthusiasts, brands & marketers, content creators, media owners

—— main stage
—— workshop stage
—— 1:1 roundtable meetings
—— lunch
—— networking
—— after party

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